Sep 112011

How Great Thou Art

I spent another weekend with the Big Guy in a monastery… with no Internet… no big screen television… no happy hour… not much of anything, really. But I did have a little free time on my hands to catch up on listening to some organ music and thinking about how cool it would be to get my hands on a set of those pipes so I could drill fingering holes and play them like whistles. You know… like they ought to be played.

Somebody distract the abbot. I’ll grab a hand full of the smaller ones and make a break for it!

The Tune: How Great Thou Art (in D) (PDF) (Play on a Bb Whistle for Original Key)

  3 Responses to “How Great Thou Art”

  1. I love it. Those old hymns sound so awesome. I have some newer piano praise music that works for tin whistle. I could email it to you if you think you could post it without running amuck of the law…

    • I’m glad you like it. Thanks for the offer to send the music, but I’m afraid that — just like them dang Dukes — that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow. I think I’d better stick with older songs and hymns… but there will be some more hymns coming soon. If I can find the time, maybe even a lot more.

      Thanks for the comment, too. It’s nice to get feedback and hear that there are people out there who find this useful!


  2. Just learned how to play that one on my “C” harmonica. Went to the Scottish Games in Pleasanton this past weekend and now I want to take up the penny whistle

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