The chart in all keys


Below are links to charts arranged for all keys. These are given for the more advanced whistler who is already comfortable with the idea of playing D fingerings and transposing other keys into D. If you learn the D fingerings first and become comfortable with the notion of transposing other keys in D, you will save yourself a mountain of work later. I promise.


The only one you really have to learn is the D chart; from it, you can transpose music from any key into D to play on the whistle. This abundance of charts has been provided only because there were several requests for such charts and because I could create them very quickly. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would want more than the original chart in D.




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  1. Hi Telford.
    The charts you have. Are they all the keys that can be played on a “D” whistle OR finger charts for different key whistles.

    • They are charts for whistles in other keys.

      Really, the chart in D is the one to learn. The D chart will give you the notes shown when played on a D whistle. Through some basic transposing, you could easily figure out equivalent notes on a D scale to play a whistle of another key. That way you’ve only got the one set of fingerings to keep track of.


  2. Hey,
    I only have a C whistle at home, so what do I have to do?
    Can I just take the D chart and learn it, or do I have to transform it in any kind?
    And if I have to transform it, how do I have to do it?
    Please help me…

    • If you have a c whistle and have learned the c scale than you can transverse them all to c
      Just pick up the other whistle and play the same notes same way you do on your c whistle

  3. First thing you will notice is that the holes you cover to play c on the c whistle will be d when you cover the same holes on a d whistle.but it is still best to learn the d scale as most Irish tunes anyway are played in d and are easier to get music for.

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