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It was a Friday night like any other. I wandered home from work hoping to get friendly with a bottle of tequila. Fool that I am, I decided to check my e-mail first and I found this little gem:


I’m not sure if you folks are in the habit of taking requests for music, but I fingered that there is only one way to find out. That way of course is by asking which I am proceeding to do. I was hoping you could coerce the elves you employ to arrange the Legend of Zelda Theme Song for the whistle. Its a most wonderfulous song and would fill the video-game-music-void in your sheet music collection. Well, thats the whole request bit. Thanks for your time.

Most sincerely etc.,

Big City

I’ve never really considered taking requests before. I mean, I don’t want to set a precedence or anything, and as soon as the tinwhistle stops being fun (like that could happen) I’ll quit it faster than Madonna’s lips at the Lilith Fair.

So with that in mind, Mr. City — if that is your real name — there are a few things you ought to know. The first is this: the elves aren’t really so much employees as they are slaves. Or maybe a better term would be political prisoners forced to labor in my music gulag deep beneath a dormant volcano in Raytown, Missouri. (Which is the town in which the hit TV show Mamma’s Family was set. I point this out whenever I can because it embarrasses the heck out of the elves.) They subsist on a diet consisting entirely of stale Keebler cookies and Dom Perignon because, well, I think that’s pretty funny. (Thank God for the Bush administration! I would never have gotten away with something like this before W came to town and declared all elves Enemy Percussionists and therefore not governed by the rules of the Geneva Philharmonic Orchestra.)

The second thing you ought to know is this: I don’t play video games. Except for Battlefield 1942. I do play that one, and I blame Bill from Three Pints Gone entirely for it. I’ve even learned to fly the helicopters in Desert Combat. Better — I’ve even learned to LAND the helicopters in Desert Combat. But, the whole point of that is this: I have no clue what the Legend of Zelda theme song sounds like. Honestly, I don’t really even know what the Legend of Zelda is, other than a game on Nintendo. And for me, “Nintendo” means most any console game at all, except for an Atari 2600. I’d be able to recognize one of those. (Mine ended up in a blacksmith’s forge, actually. Funny story, that. Let’s just say there’s more than one way to beat Yar’s Revenge and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit will just about do it for any video game ever written.)

So I found a ringtone. That helped a little bit. A very little bit. So I found a midi. Which leads me into The Third Thing You Ought To Know.

The third thing is this: the Legend of Zelda theme song is all over the place. I mean, really. It is. Up to speed on your third octave E-flat, Mr. City? Good. You’ll need it. (I’m okay-to-pretty-good at crossfingering. Admittedly, I have a mental block with f-natural. It just ain’t natural, but that’s just me. But for this one, I pulled out my Boehm Transverse Tinwhistle (patented).)

Nevertheless, the slanderous implication that there is somehow a “void” in my collection of sheet music really cooked my pudding. And so I just went to work on this little gem. Entirely out of spite. (Well, that and fear. I mean, I bought up most of the former Soviet Union’s long range nukes at their Going Out of Business sale, but I didn’t get them all. And anyone who can successfully use a term like “wonderfulous” in a sentence — and a complete sentence, no less — might just have been bright enough to scarf up some of those missing nukes. And I say “just might have” very deliberately, because that in itself is not enough to be sure. Mind you, I’m use to living with paranoia and suspicion. Keeping elves for slaves will do that to you. However, I did not miss the insidious — and I mean “insidious” as in an H.P.-Lovecraft-Lurker-at-the-Void-Waiting-Patiently-and-Coldly-Calculating  sort of way — use of the term “fingered” in a sneaky, sinister way. I’d hate for the history books to remember me for launching the pre-emptive strike in the the devastating nuclear exchange between me and the forces of Big City.)

So, anyway, I don’t take requests. But here’s your frigging song.

And that’s the story on requests. If you’ve got a request you’d like to make, post it in the comments section below. I might ignore it. I might post music for it. I might send a band of slightly deranged goblins who are accustomed to mistreating a certain group of elves to visit you in the night. Do you feel lucky, punk? Do you?

  15 Responses to “Requesting Music”

  1. I don’t feel lucky, I feel pretty and you can’t mess with that!
    Anyways, you fancy finding the music for the theme songs from Braveheart and Harry Potter?


  2. also Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission.


  3. Ah, I don’t know if yer still taking on any requests fer music, but if yer were, I have one that won’t let me sleep at night … and it’s only a wee bit of the song :). Would ya be so kind as to consider the fingering for the beginning of The Homes of Donegal (the Paul Brady version)? For the tinwhistle, of course.

    The great pumpkin awaits in the drive, but the shoes don’t fit,

  4. Have you ever thought about transcribing the tin whistle portion of Body of an American by The Pogues? I would love to learn how to play it.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Well after all that! Here is another request, just what you didn’t want (I hear you say) hey what have I got to lose? You can always ignore it! I seem to like more of the ‘stuff’ that is not so popular and am always on a quest to find what I want. I am looking for the notes to the song called ‘Marcus Hernon’s Air’ (Donna Germano) or I think it is also called ‘Beal a Mhurlaigh’ and I also think it is in Bb. (just getting myself a new Bb whistle).
    Best wishes from France

  6. I was wondering if you could post the tin whistle notes for the song Mad World–preferably the version from the Movie Donnie Darko? Thanks in advance for your time and trouble.
    All the best, Jeff

  7. Im looking to learn my Lagan love on the penny whistle in D. can only read finger tab

  8. Funny website….lots of laughs here and some good material to use too. Thanks for the fun!

  9. You crack me up. I haven’t played a note since I found this site, but have enjoyed your comments immensely. Maybe I’ll try your frigging song tomorrow. Looks fun.

  10. Hello there!

    Since you are NOT taking requests and I certainly would not be so impudent as to make one, would you happen to know where one might find the whistle arrangement for El Condor Pasa?
    cheers! =)

  11. I have looked everywhere for a guitar chords &/or whistle version of the song “Ireland” by Greg Trooper. (Since I like to sing it, maybe I’d rather the guitar chords?) Lots of YouTube versions around, including by Himself and Maura O’Connell. Do you know it? Could you try it? Please, kind sir! And bless you!

  12. And do something by John Coltrane too. But not too difficult. I’m just starting. Thanks.

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