The Admiral and the Enlisted Men (in D). “The enlisted men ride in a motor launch, the admiral he rides in a gig…”

The Good Ship Calabar (in G). “Come all you dry-land say-lie-ors and listen to my song. It’s only forty verses, and I won’t detain you long.”

Blow the Man Down (in D). And if you can’t blow him down in D, blow him down any way you like. This is a traditional sea shanty. Actually, it’s probably another darn show tune, but what can you do? What can you do? Blow the Man Down (2) Another version of this song.  Blow the Man Down (3) And yet another version of this song.

Quare Bungle Rye (in G). Songs about sailors that include phrases like “quare bungle rye” are the sort of thing that make my father nervous. You know… make him wonder what kind of website I’m running here, anyhow. Remember, lads: the Navy will make a man out of you. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Village People. Oooh! “In the Navy!” I should post that here as a PIRATE SONG!!! (See how I worked that in, even though it’s not true. I’m just trying to run up the count of PIRATE SONG!!! tags. Oops. I did it again! HA!!! I’ll post that here as a PIRATE SONG!!!, too!!! Britney Spears is kind of like a pirate. At least, she’s got a patch, a peg-leg and has been down on everything but the Titanic. That’s three of the requirements for piratehood. Aaarrrrgh! It’s your turn in the barrel, Britney!

Three Score and Ten (in D). Another song about dead fishermen. In case you’re wondering, fishing is a dangerous profession. Remember, that, kids. And stay in school. And stay off the smack.

(What Shall we Do with a) Drunken Sailor. The age-old question… what shall we do with a drunken sailor? Early in the morning. The fact that “leave him alone and let him sleep” is not one of the answers explains why I didn’t join the Navy.

Fire Down Below and Fire Down Below – More Verses Another fine song from the days of tall ships that I shamelessly lifted off of a 3 Pints Gone CD. Their newest. AND IT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Their best yet… and that’s saying something. Really. Go to www.3pintsgone.com and check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

  2 Responses to “04-Nautical”

  1. HI
    great to see the updates to this site!
    Are you taking requests?

    I’ve been trying to find the tin whistle music for the songs:
    “My son John” and “haul on the bowline”
    both from the alblum Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys

    and available on youtube
    my son john = John C. Reilly: My Son John
    haul on the bowline = Bob Neuwirth: Haul on the Bowline

    many thanks and all the best

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