05-Pirate Songs!!!


Biddy McGrath’s Bra (in G). “Now come all you young girls who like a sailor by night, never wear the straps of your bra too tight.” It’s kind of a PIRATE SONG… at least, I heard it from a pirate.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum (in D). This is a PIRATE SONG. Okay. Actually it’s a Broadway show tune. But pirates sing a lot of show tunes.

The Sinking of the Graef Spee (in D). This is kind of like a PIRATE SONG, except with Nazis. And no rum. Yo… Ho.

Whiskey O (in D). This is a PIRATE SONG!!! Or, at the very least, a sea shanty. Whiskey made me pawn my clothes; whiskey gave me a broken nose. Whiskey-O, Johnny-O; John rise her up from down below.

The Last of Barrett’s Privateers (in D). Remember kids: piracy doesn’t pay. Okay… actually it does. But it doesn’t pay as much as a real job. Avast. Oh yeah… It’s a PIRATE SONG!!!

All For Me Grog me noggy, noggy grog. It’s all for me beer and tobacco. And me PIRATE SONG. I spent all me tin on the lassies drinkin’ gin.

YMCA. The world-famous PIRATE SONG!!! From the same guys who brought you In the Pirate Navy!!!

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