08-American III: American Harder with a Vengeance


We Are One From the Lion King II. This was another requested tune. I hope it’s close; I’m not really sure.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken There’s a better home awaitin’ in the sky, Lord, in the sky.

The Battle of New Orleans. Get a little bacon. Get a few beans. Get your favorite tinwhistle, and head for New Orleans. You’ll love it there.

The Battle of New Orleans – Duet for Tinwhistle and Flute. Here’s a version for a flute and whistle duet; you could play it nicely with two whistles — one low and one not. Heck… you could play it with a soprano recorder and a harmonica… if you wanted to.

The Battle of New Orleans — TT. The Tinwhistle Tablature version of the song. If you’re just learning, this might be the version for you. Bring extra bacon.

The Worms Crawl In True story: This was actually written by a zombie. He’d been a composer in life and figured if he was decomposing anyway, he might as well get a song out of it. And eat the brains. Zombies are everywhere. They have them in every culture. Like second-edition ninjas. (<– Obscure role-playing reference. If you got that one on your own, congratulations. You’re a geek. And probably a loser. Of course, I wrote it, so what does that make me?)

Union Maid. There once was a Union Maid who never was afraid of the goons and the ginks and the company finks and the deputy sheriffs who made the raid and she went to the Union Hall… And so on. But play it faster than that. Faster! Faster, I say!

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