11-Whaddever Mk.1


It’s a Sin (in D). You know — the song that was a hit in the ’80s by the Pet Shop Boys. If you can play this, you’re a naughty, naughty crossfingering monkey. With wicked old-school whistle skills.

Winnie the Pooh (in G). The theme song from Winnie the Pooh. So not a pirate song. So, very, very not a pirate song.

Fast Car (in D) by Tracy Chapman. This isn’t the whole song, really, but rather the vocal melody. It sounds really nice on a wooden flute. You’ll love it so much, you’ll download it twice.

The A-Team Theme I PITY THE FOOL WHO CAN’T PLAY THE A-TEAM THEME, FOOL. I gotta tinwhistle. I gotta bad attitude. Fool.

Karma Chameleon (in D). Because I’ve had this tune stuck in my head for the last week since I heard it used in that commercial where the guy is humming it and his buddy asks “Are you humming Karma Chameleon?” and the first guy tries to claim it’s Where Da Hood At. And just so no one feels left out, here’s Where Da Hood At (in G, of course.)

The Smurfs (in D). Fa-la-la-la-la-la, Smurf along with me. This is the Smurf theme song. After watching the Smurfs this morning, I figured, what the smurf? Might was well smurfing figure out how to play this smurfing song. (Hey — it’s snowing here today. Too cold to go outside. Too early to play the whistle. If you don’t like it, go smurf yourself. In the meantime, I’ll smurf someone gently with my song.)

Cheers (in D). The theme song. To the television show. A buddy of mine plays in a band called the Cherry Bombs. They played New Years Eve in a casino and the opening act was stand up comedy by Norm. Every since he mentioned it, I’ve had the theme song stuck in my head… just like the Karma Chameleon thing.

Frere Jacques I think “frere jacques” is French for “wake up jackass,” but I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s the song about it.

So Early in the Morning (in G). A sweet little children’s rhyme. “When I was young I had no sense; I bought a whistle for eighteen pence.” My life has never been the same, since.

The Wren Song (in G). With all of the Christmas carols on this site, I thought maybe I ought to post a St. Stephen’s Carol song, also. St. Stephen’s Day, in case you’re keeping score at home, is on December 26th. St. Stephen was the first Catholic martyr; he was stoned. He was also the first deacon. Interesting tidbit: there were bishops and deacons before there were priests.

  One Response to “11-Whaddever Mk.1”

  1. you made me laugh today… I barely cant stop laughing!

    about the song “Frère Jacques”, you wrote:
    “Frere Jacques I think “frere jacques” is French for “wake up jackass,” but I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s the song about it.”

    in fact, it is about someone who wake Brother Jacques so he can go ring the bell for the mornig prayer

    have a good day!

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