13-Whaddever MK.3


My Bonnie Has Tuberculosis My bonnie has only one lung. My bonnie can cough up her tonsils and roll them around on her tongue. It’s a love song, of course.

Popeye. The theme from the cartoon, not the movie. (Although, for all I know the movie might have had the same theme song. I remember really liking the movie, but other people tell me it blew. I saw it in Los Angeles at Mann’s Chinese Theater, which was the one and only time I ever went there. It was an ├╝ber-cool theater. I wonder if it’s still there?)

Pop Goes the Weasel That’s the way the money goes. And the weasel, I suppose. If you’ve never actually seen a weasel pop, all I can say is DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH AIR IN THEM.

Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall (with COMPLETE lyrics) Not many people know it, but this is actually a war song. The ninety-nine bottle represent the foot soldiers of the unit and if one of them gets killed — happens to fall — there’ll be one less left. Until eventually there are none left at all. Really. I’m not making that up. War is a bad thing, and not just because it kills bottles of beer. Behind each beer bottle is a person with a family and a history and more beer at home.

The Saints Go Marching In Spiritual. And what they play at the stadium in New Orleans when the football team plays.

Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw The prettiest gal I ever saw was sippin’ cider through a straw. Actually, she was drinking Scotch. And I married her. But from time to time she does sip cider though a straw.

William Tell Overture. By Rossini. To the dump. To the dump. To the dump dump dump dump dump dump dump dump dump dump. To the dump dump dump dump dump…..

The Wind Beneath My Wings This is a slow air adaptation of the shanty sung by Bette Midler, a pirate from way back. This was another request. It’s this sort of song that breaks the wind beneath my wings.

Snouts and Ears And how about one more traditional tune from bonny Scotland, to be followed immediately by…

Snouts and Ears — TT. The Tinwhistle Tablature version of the song.

Sporting Nellie (Reel) and Sporting Nellie (Reel – Second Version) Two versions of the same reel. Which, of course, makes it a traditional tune. Just with more tradition than a lot of them.

We Are Family A traditional American tune. Unlike traditional Irish tunes, this one made someone a lot of money. That’s the difference between the Banks of Ireland and the Bank of America for you.

We Are Family — TT. The Tinwhistle Tablature version of the song.

You Sexy Thing. I believe in miracles. That has nothing to do with the song at hand. I just wanted to make that clear. I do in point of fact believe in miracles, and I hope you do, too. You sexy thing.

The Sea Around Yet another traditional tune. Full up on those yet? Want more?

Planxsty Sneetch And to wrap up the 100 song update, here’s an original composition for tinwhistle and harp. It might sound something like this. Don’t know a harp player? Force your little sister to learn to play the harp so you have someone to practice with. She’ll thank you for it. Someday…

Sesame Street in D, simplified tune. Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street.

Ach Du Lieber Augustin. Because sometimes alles is just plain hinn.

Au Renouval du Tens. And sometimes it’s just plain Tens. Whatever that means.

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