QUESTION: Where can I find a fingering chart for the “C” tuned irish whistle? —Kerry

Every fingering chart I’ve ever seen (except for the truly awful chart that comes with one brand of plastic whistles) is set up for a D instrument. For C (or any key for that matter) use the same chart and substitute the notes of the key for which you want fingerings:

D E F# G A B C# D’
C D E F G A B  C’

Notes that are not in the key fall where you would logically expect them to fall:

D#/Eb   C#/Db
  F     D#/Eb
G#/Ab   F#/Gb
A#/Bb   G#/Ab
 Cn     A#/Bb

As long as you follow the pattern of tetrachord, whole step, tetrachord, the D chart can work for any whistle by substituting the correct scale.

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  1. Hi~

    I just found your site today! It’s a great one!

    Anyway, I am a very self taught whistle player, mostly learning by sheet music and by ear. The only thing is:

    I don’t know much about musical theory and I can only play songs that are in the standard “D scale” and follow the “Standard D fingerings” ~whatever that means~ lol. Whenever I run into a song that needs transposing or needs something specific for a “Key” other than D My head starts to hurt. >_<

    I know it's probably not that hard, it's just that I can't get my head around it~

    Specific example: Lunasa plays this great song called "Ivory Lady", I found the sheets on "The" (Link:

    BUT~ when I try to play it with "D" fingerings, it doesn't sound right, I know the fingering must be different. The only clue I have is that the song has a "F major" key signature. But I dont know where to go from there 0_0.

    Any suggestions?



    • I’ve posted two versions of this reel for you that will be more playable on the tinwhistle. The first is in G (easier to play, needs C-natural fingering) and the other is in D (much higher; will go shrill). Hope that helps. (See: for the tunes.)

  2. Wow! That was very kind of you~ Thanks so much!

    I really really appreciate that!

    Do you have a YouTube channel were you play?

    Thanks again!

    • Not yet; I’m hoping maybe to wander into the whole YouTube thing in the near future. When and if I get around to that, I’ll sure post links here.

  3. Help! I play the flute in my church orchestra and have never played the penny whistle before. Do you have the fingerings for a B flat scale on a D penny whistle?

  4. Thanks for this site, having a blast learning the tin whistle. Made a very bad but fun vedio with my husband on our you-tube site, check it out at Dochang knight1 An attempt at “all for me grog”

  5. I am really surprised that you completely miss the huge English folk repertoire. It’s at least as large as the Irish, and in some of our views, more tuneful.

    This part of the world (Southern Ontario) has two regular English sessions going, one in Toronto and one here, in Cambridge.

  6. Hi I purchased a B flat and F tin whistles awhile ago but it didn’t come with a fingering charts. Can you help? Thanks.

  7. This is a wonderful sight! I am just strating to learn about the Irish Whistle. I have played the clarinet in high school and in college, but never the recorder or whistle. I am excited about this sight and learn more!!!

  8. I don’t get it. Which is which?

  9. I am a flute player for many years, so I have no problem using the D whistle when reading music. But I have 3 other whistles in different keys and just know that I can’t learn all different fingering for each key quickly.

    If I want to transpose flute music to be able to use d whistle fingerings (matching the flute) are there any obvious tricks that I am not understanding? Or do I have to rewrite all my music to use, for example my A whistle and finger the notes like a flute.


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