Jul 142011

When I got out of bed this today right at the crack of noon – an unholy early hour for getting out of bed, I’m sure you’ll agree – and stumbled into the kitchen, hoping to score a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast, you can no doubt imagine my delight when I discovered the remains of a bag of peanut butter cookies. These were the Oreo style of sandwich cookies with a crunchy cookie on each side of a sweet peanut butter filling. Mmm.

Of course, my first instinct was to shout “COOKIES!!!!!” and make “om-nom-nom-nom” noises while I devoured them with reckless abandon. However, I fought back my baser urges and decided to approach them with somewhat more refinement.

I decided first of all that they would be eminently more enjoyable if they were double-wides instead of single-wides. I love the whole “Double Stuff” meme, but it has yet to catch on with Garden Faire generic cookies. So, I was forced to re-engineer.

I carefully removed the top from one cookie, leaving the stuffing on the second half. I ate the first cookie top – waste not want not – and then performed the same operation on a second cookie.

Once the second cookie was in two parts, I ate the bottom half – the half with the cookie and the stuffing – and then carefully attached the top half to the bottom half of the first cookie. Then I stepped back to admire my handiwork….

And discovered that I had just recreated a single-stuff cookie.


I ate the wrong half of the second cookie and only recreated a regular cookie, but now with mismatched halves. It isn’t easy conducting a successful cookie surgery when you’re forced to get out of bed that early in the afternoon.