Sep 082011

So, on weekdays when the Big Guy goes off to work, he usually leaves me at home with Sneetch the Wonderdog. Sneetch watches Nickelodeon in the morning and when I wake up – usually mid- to late-afternoon – Sneetch and I start channel surfing and usually watch a little Cops or Lost in Space or something. Sneetch can’t change the channels by himself… no opposable thumbs.

Well, the other morning I just couldn’t get to sleep. I’d been playing Star Wars Battlefront II all night (and let me just say if I had been born a Super Battle Droid long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, then that whole “revolution” thing would have ended completely different) and I just couldn’t get to sleep.

So, I went in and watched Nickelodeon with Sneetch. He was watching something called Bubble Guppies. I’d never heard of it before. But these little tadpole characters would ask questions, and Sneetch would answer them. (I think he thinks they can actually hear him. Silly puppy.)

Anyway… they asked “What sound does a cow make?” and Sneetch said, “Moo! Moo!” They said he was right.

Next they asked what sound does a horse make, and Sneetch said “Nay, nay!” He got that one right, too. I don’t know why creatures that live under the sea are so interested in the vocabulary of terrestrial animals, but there it is.

Finally, they asked what sound a pig makes. Sneetch and I shouted out the answer together. Apparently, the right answer – or, at least the one they were looking for – was “Oink, oink.” We still think we were right, though; we said, “sizzle! Sizzle!”

Bacon. It’s what’s for dinner. Pity there isn’t a song about it.

The Tune: Bacon in D (PDF)